Who is the best no.1 Doctor in India ?

Dr.Ramakanta panda 

Hello, Friends, In this post, I am sharing with you Who is the best no.1 Doctor in India?

Who is the best no.1 Doctor in India?

hello, friends, we know Dr. Ramakanta Panda is India's no.1 Doctor Surgeon.  Friend's surgeon means Doctor who is specially trained to perform medical operations. 

Name - Ramakanta Madanmohan Panda. 

Education - 

  1. S.C.B Medical College & Hospital in Cuttack.
  2. (AIIMS) All India Institute of medical sciences in New Delhi.
  3. (BJB) Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar Autonomous college in Delhi
Born - 03rd April 1954 in Damodarpur in Jaipur. 

Income -  He is monthly income is more than 20 crores.

Subspecialties -  Cardiac Surgery Redo Bypass Surgery.

Information about India's best Dr. Ramakanta Panda 

Ramakanta panda is born in DamodarPur village in Jajpur District. He is India's no.1 heart Surgeon & also the no.1 Doctor. Dr. Ramakenta is one of the 25 living Legends in the health care of India.

His one heart surgery fee is more than 5.5 lakh. Dr. Ramakanta is a vice chairman & Managing director. 

Dr. Ramakanta Panda, he is the vice Chairman & Managing the cardiovascular Thoracic surgery India's no.1 heart surgeon. 

He is "one of the fastest heart surgeons in the world" with a 99.7%  success rate in bypass surgery & he Awardee by the Padma Bhushan

On world heart day, he addressed the country & spoke about why taking statins, as efficacious as they can be should not replace living healthily in the battle against heart disease.

Dr. Ramakanta Panda has performed about 28000 successful cardiac Surgeries in 2022 in India. Including over 1900 redo bypass surgeries.

Dr. Ramakanta Panda is also called the "surgeon with the fastest hand in the world". He has completed the MBBS at the All India Institute of medical sciences in New Delhi.  

 He was founded in 2002 is the Asian Heart Institute a cardiology & cardiac surgery hospital in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Asian heart Institute has trained more than 4.5 lacks. He is also a Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon at the Asian Heart Institute.   

Dr. Ramakanta Pandaea Early Life's 

Dr. Panda was born in Damodarpur village. His father is Farmer. Ramakanta was studied at Binod Bihari High School, in Pritipur, in Jajpur

He is the son of a Farmer. He walks for 7 KM to school every day.  He inspired his uncle to make a successful Doctor. 

So, guys, I am explaining Who is the best no.1 Docter in India so stay tuned for Something new and important content. 

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